Working at BW Geohydromatics

Being an institute of applied research, BWgeohydromatics practices academic atmosphere. Private ownership of this institute guarantees excel and outclass of our operation. Ideas, creations and innovations can be freely proposed, discussed and developed. Such an environment is ‘learning-mistake-tolerant’ and allows each individual in the institute to find their own ways to gain maximum performance effectively in attitude, skill and knowledge. This consents to serene environment of scholarly activities that continuously ensures the novelty of our services.


Most of our members are young graduates who are leading in each of their major during their first degree of higher academic training. Our senior managements are composed by German and Indonesian scientists, practitioner and leading businessman in the field we are in. Such a composition delivers passion and enthusiasm in one side and wisdom and experience in the other side. Both sides are blended to compose perfect mixture of team. Upon call of professional service, our matrix organizational system will effectively adapt to the precise schedule and quality measures of deliverables.