MetOcean Design Criteria

By: Dr.rer.nat. POERBANDONO


Metocean Consulting BWGeoHydromatics

MetOcean is a set of atmospheric and oceanic parameters that are essential in ensuring safety and reliability of various coastal and marine constructions and operations. MetOcean design criteria (MODC) is developed to deliver probabilistic behavior of representative measures of atmospheric and hydrosphere parameters (wind, wave, current, water level) for planning and design of coastal and offshore construction and operation. MODC is required for:

-Basis of design of various coastal and offshore construction

-Weather and sea-state forecasts

-Environmental assessment

-Marine operation

-Marine renewable energy exploration and exploitation

MODC nominates governing parameters and predicts their occurrences, i.e. how probable does it may occur, due to what variables. Common representative measures in MODC comprise of:

-Mean regime: Probability of occurrence of a magnitude throughout the available historical record

-Extreme regime: Predicted probability (recurrence interval) of an extreme magnitude in a specific evaluation period

Archive of historical data of meteorology and oceanography is essential for developing MODC. In the case that historical data is not available or insufficient, analytical computation and/or numerical simulation are usually carried out to ‘generate’ data. Validation of results from analytical computation or numerical simulation must be performed. This is usually done by carrying out field observation.