10-minutes Complete Tidal Analysis?

(LA | 16/11/2021)


In a marine structure design or a marine campaign, water level is an essential parameter to be considered. A marine survey in the ocean and coastal engineering works is usually done by hydrography surveyors.

In practice, methods like admiralty, statistical analysis, and least square analysis must be familiar. These methods sometimes take at least an hour to produce the tidal information, let alone the tidal prediction for ahead forecast. Our team in BW Geohydromatics then discussed this time-consuming matter and a project was born: To develop a fast tidal analysis software that do all the setting and calculation. It consists of all the tools needed for QC, analysis, and post-processing like prediction or datum calculation. We call the apps Oceanomatics Tidal.

Check the video below to see how fast a full work tidal processing could be done using our software.


Oceanomatics Tidal features are:

1. Easy load data.

2. Datum calculation.

3. Up to 114 tidal constituents.

4. Tidal prediction from the analyzed constituent.


5. Data formatting, outlier cleaning, and spectral analysis using Fourier transform.


You can get your free trial by visiting our software page from the menu. This program is already tested and used in our in-house tidal processing, so the result of the analysis produced is guaranteed. Should any issues be found, our technical team will always be ready to help you.

Our software page: www.oceanomatics.com

Contact us: metocean@bwgeohydromatics.com