About Us

BWgeohydromatics is an Indonesian based enterprise specializing in delivering meteorological and oceanographic (metocean) information and knowledge with specific emphasis in the Indonesian water and the South East Asian region. We possess strong local knowledge and effective access to the region we are working in. BWgeohydromatics is founded as a research spin-off company located in Bandung, Indonesia. The company collaborates closely with relevant experts and specialists in their fields, particularly hydrography, physical oceanography, meteorology, sediment transport, and navigation.


BWgeohydromatics is delivering clear ‘picture’ of various parameter and ranges of marine physical environmental factors which are of substantial to our client investments. We will produce this ‘picture’ as metocean information and knowledge of a given site of interest and present them as standard hardcopy report, offline data base retrieval system with interactive user interface, regular push-mail report, or online access to our operational metocean system, including involvement of front line service.


BWgeohydromatics’ key people are entrepreneur researchers, who have been accumulating knowledge in theoretical and practical spheres of applications of various disciplines covering coastal engineering, environmental science, physical geography, hydrography, and oceanography.

Experiments, diversity in perspective and multi disciplinary set of mind are our beliefs in delivering innovative and creative solutions to our client’s problems. To date, our key team members are well trained and exposed physical oceanographers with strong support from computation and information technology team.


BWgeohydromatics’ mission is to provide support to the improvement of accuracy, security, and safety of the coastal and offshore design, planning, and investment.



A specialized competence of the company is the capability to involve state-of-the-art scientific methods and novel techniques in improving the reliability and merit of marine environmental information.

Our core of competences are based on long experience and academic training of its personnel in dealing with studies of mean and extreme values of wind, wave, current, and tide, for the purpose of design criteria or front end engineering of fix or floating structures and underwater constructions, as well as real-time and forecast systems for planning and monitoring of sea-state sensitive operations.