Marine Operation for Decision Support System

Marine Operation Decision Support System

We have plans in our works, but uncertainty follows oftentimes to it.  Unconsciously, the uncertainty is carried over into benefit and cost estimates. This uncertainty relates to the lack of knowledge about the true value of key variables or parameters, both in the present and future.

For maritime industry, those parameters are meteorology and oceanography (metocean) parameters. As the expansion of maritime industries, reliable metocean parameters information are considered a remarkable matter. Some operational information is critically dependent on accurate metocean parameters information. If we don’t have this information, when bad weather, say, a storm comes, we will not have any idea what kind of decision we have to take to save our assets. A better decision can be taken if we have predicted such bad weather. Predicted weather condition can give great basic knowledge for all decision makers. Thus, we can prevent the damage and reduce the loss.  Our Client List.

Natural condition uncertainties come with every man-made plan in maritime activities

Marine Sea State Prediction
(7 Days Ahead)

Prognosis of 7-days ahead winds, waves, swells, and currents.

The prognosis is based on downscaling method using Weather Research and Forecasting model (WRF), in-house hydrodynamic model, and WaveWatch III.

Marine Sea State Prediction
(10 Days Ahead)

Prognosis of 10-days ahead winds, waves, swells, and currents.

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Climatology Analysis

Analysis of historical climate data for specific marine locations; detailing winds, waves, currents, and tidal patterns.

Weather Window

Analysis of operation window and assessment of down time (work standby) probability.