Sea-state and Weather Forecast

Coastal and offshore operations are weather-sensitive. Reliable forecasts of sea-state (tide, wave, swell) and marine weather (wind, wind-gust, storm, cyclone) are obligatory to ensure safe and efficient marine operation. Accurate forecasts of marine weather leads to safer and more efficient offshore operations, and cost savings.

BWgeohydromatics has developed and continuously improved Marine Information Services (MarIS), a marine forecast service for supporting operation of particularly offshore and coastal activities. MarIS provides integrated site specific forecasts once or twice-daily, seven day (168 hours) ahead of marine wind, wave and weather. Updates of forecasts are available per email, telephone, or facsimile on regular basis.

MarIS is solution for all offshore operations and benefits to safety improvement in ocean exploration, nearshore dredging, as well as for marine transport and survey. Since accuracy of marine weathers prediction are vital for the planning and execution of offshore operations, our continous improvement of our in-house computing tools and data analysis packages have made us capable to handle increasing demand of quality of deliverables.

MarIS’s forecast services include wind speed, wind direction, wind gust, direction of wave, significant wave height, weather chart, and possibility of tropical cyclone. MarIS uses statistical techniques to deliver accurate and reliable weather forecast. MarIS offers accurate weather forecasts for the world’s ocean (every 0.5 degree), with emphasis of SE Asian waters.

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